Why Haven’t I Sold Anything Yet?!

So you’re a bright young composer, your portfolio is brimming with intriguing new music, your brain is bursting with the knowledge and spirit  to rock the music world…

…and very few people know you.  And you’ve had very few, if any, sales or commissions.

How’d THAT happen?  More importantly, what can prevent (or fix) that situation?

I was recently remarking to a very good friend and colleague of mine how my one regret about my grad school experience was not getting to know the conducting and music education majors better.  Because it had occurred to me, after all my years of composing (with only scant success gaining exposure) that I simply didn’t know enough people who could help me.

Read the rest (and much more) in my book Writing and Living in the Real World: Advice for Young Composers



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