“For The Love of Aphrodite,” Brandon Nelson (band, gr4)

logoOne of my biggest and most dramatic pieces yet, this a good and rewarding challenge for everyone in the band. Engaging subject matter and music that runs the emotional gamut will certainly endear this work to audiences!

About the Piece

Aphrodite, a goddess within the Greek pantheon, was a being of unparalleled beauty and charm. She was the governess of romantic love and had innumerable suitors.

In order to prevent the gods of Olympus from destroying each other to earn her hand, Zeus decided that she should marry Hephaestus, the humble blacksmith.

The marriage was not to work. While Hephaestus labored in his forge to make sublime jewelry for his wife, Aphrodite frequently entertained male suitors, including the god Ares.

She was vain, ill-tempered, and easily offended. The beauty on the surface was often used to manipulate mortals (and even gods) to commit evil deeds.

The myth of Aphrodite is more than an ancient story. It is a universal archetype for any whose apparent “beauty” (whether physical or
intellectual) causes us to act in ugly ways–ways we know, deep in our own hearts, are wrong. And yet we surrender….

In the end, who is to blame? The heart of beauty or the heart of weakness?


Medium advanced


ca. 6′

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US$85.00 (PDF score and parts – unlimited reproduction privileges at one site!)

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