“Dreamland,” Brandon Nelson (horn solo, advanced)

I decided to write this unaccompanied solo piece as a token of appreciation to Brandon McDannald, a graduate horn player at the University of North Texas. You may recall that he recorded a duet of mine and I wanted to repay the favor in the best way I knew how. Following are details of the piece and a link to download a free preview copy. Enjoy!

program note

The richly-detailed, darkly-evocative atmosphere of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem Dreamland was the inspiration for this piece. Each section of the music (there are five, just as there are five stanzas in the poem) reflects my interpretation of moods or events in the poem. Listeners and performers alike are encouraged to read Poe’s work before delving into this piece.

Detailed analytical notes are provided with the free preview copy.

Click here to download a free preview copy of this piece. This is NOT the full piece!

Contact details are included if you are interested in purchasing the full version.

Take a look at what I’ve composed here

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