“The World Colored by Snow,” Brandon Nelson (satb choir)

A gentle mountain snowfall…an icy midnight sojourn…the simple, quiet joy of first snow…

I found the perfect voice for the feelings and scenes of winter I wanted to convey in the tiny verses known as haiku.  I’ve always loved haiku. I admire the expressive power that the skilled poet can wring out of such bare economic means.  A scene, painted so poignantly, so vividly—an essence, a sigh, a quick, visceral sketch to capture the deceptively-simple drama of nature revealing itself.  They are epigrams of life. I hope these little morsels of music and words fill you with the essence of the winter season and that I’ve been able to impart some of the enthusiasm and admiration I feel for this wonderful aspect of Japanese culture. (complete details in the program notes) Difficulty advanced Voicing SATB choir with piano Length ca. 5′

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