Today’s Composer Prompt (Walking a Mile)

Think of a composer whose work you don’t like. (You don’t have to name names.)

Make a serious effort to compose a piece in that person’s style.

Maybe you will have learned that there are aspects of that work that you had misjudged or have only superficially considered. Perhaps you will have a change of heart!

Or maybe you’ll only find more reasons to dislike it.

In any case, you will come out of this project a better artist. Your sensibilities sharpened, your aesthetic enriched, and a greater understanding of why you choose to create the way you do will be your reward.


One thought on “Today’s Composer Prompt (Walking a Mile)

  1. Now there is a challenge! When I studied composition at Music School I avoided serialism like the plague – gave me cold sweats just thinking about writing that way. Perhaps I should have had a go…then again..

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