Today’s Composer Prompt (See the World)

The following is a list of countries, generated at random:

Sri Lanka

Select one (ideally also at random). Spend some time investigating the folk music indigenous to it.

Isolate one aspect of this music to explore in a piece for chamber ensemble. Perhaps it will be a rhythmic idiosyncracy, or a particular way of utilizing pitches.

Ultimately, you will use a musical resource of this nation and couch it within your own creative voice in such a way that both are enriched in the process. You will have grown as an artist by learning from the culture of others, much like Debussy, Messiaen, and Cage expanded their own creative voices after exposing themselves to Eastern culture.


One thought on “Today’s Composer Prompt (See the World)

  1. Some of the melodies of Carl Nielsen are influenced by the pitch and rhythm of the Danish language: I think, if I remember correctly, the slow movement of the ‘Four Temperaments’ Symphony, for example – but he does it a lot all over the place…

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