des études dans le vin (contralto flute)

commissioned by Marion Garver Fredrickson (San Diego, CA)

Sheet music and recording will be made available after the premiere.

des etudes dans le vin - solo for contralto flute

In celebration of what are perhaps among the greatest gifts to the human palate, I composed this set of characteristic etudes based on several distinguished wines of France. Wine is beyond simply a beverage—it is a form of art in itself, elevated by centuries of refinement, and those of France in particular have been recognized by many as some of the finest specimens crafted.

Set One” is devoted to red wines.

Merlot, with scents of black cherry and plum, is a soft, well-rounded wine that makes an excellent introduction for those new to red wines (and an old favorite for the initiated).

The essence of Pinot Noir is delicate and fresh. These grapes are difficult to grow, rarely blended, yet yield no roughness.

The grande dame of French reds, Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied, firm, and gripping.

The second set illustrates white wines.

One of the most popular wines in the word, Chardonnay is velvety and voluptuous, with bold citrus notes.

Sauvignon Blanc reveals a wide palate of subtle flavors, granting the sensitive imbiber delicate hints of bell pepper, sour green fruits, apples, pears, and even tropical fruits.

We finish with Semillon. Noted for its great strength of berry flavoring, it is often blended to delimit its strong character.

snapshot preview - des etudes dans le vin

 snapshot preview


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