Chamber Works for Woodwinds

Japanese Mythology Cycle (selections may be performed individually or as a set; no particular order required):

Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun (unaccompanied alto flute)

Benzaiten, Goddess of All That Flows (unaccompanied baritone sax)

Izanagi and Izanami, Bringers of Life and Death (flute and Bb clarinet)

Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (flute, bass clarinet, alto sax)

Raijin, God of Thunder (unaccompanied bass clarinet)

Adolphic Vignettes (alto sax solo with piano)
Commissioned to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Adophe Sax’s birth, each of the movements of this piece (beyond the expository prelude) presents music written in Belgium’s past as seen through the lens of Sax’s invention.  It is, in that sense, an homage to not only the great musical minds that came before Sax, but also to his keen inventive mind and his own incomparable contributions to music history.

An Harmonic Disquisition Upon Various Types of Cheese (quartet for piccolos or flutes)

Through characteristic miniatures, this piece is an aural sampler of some of the world’s most interesting cheeses (and the folk music of the people who produce them). Though my passion for cheese is well in evidence, I like to point out that my love for  piccolos and flutes run just as strong, and I have sought with this piece to contribute a lively and colorful homage to the chamber repertoire of these sweet, agile instruments.

As if some little Arctic flower (flute trio – 2 C flutes, alto flute)

In three characteristic miniatures, I portray the spirit of a favorite Emily Dickinson poem of mine, rich with a charming, deceptively-simple imagery and an economic yet intensely charged use of language.

Bizzarie di varie figure (woodwind quintet) – available for purchase soon!

Dancing Among Colored Leaves (flute choir)

A lively, vibrant piece for flute choir brilliantly depicting the flurry of colorful beauty that is autumn in New England.

des études dans le vin (contralto flute) – available for purchase soon!

Faces of Fujin, God of Wind (flute/alto sax duet)

Finding inspiration from traditional Japanese mythology, I explore and illustrate the concept of “wind” from varying perspectives in this piece (from calm breezes to turbulent storms). In addition, the piece uses a Japanese folk tune as the musical basis for the variations.

Four Episodes (tenor sax edition)

A set of four miniature selections showcasing the full color potential of this beautiful instrument. The pieces are “from darkness, rising…,” “Eidolons,” “Homeostatic,” and “Sapta Bodhyanga.”

Irrational Transcendence (sax quartet)

I find esoteric mathematical phenomena quite fascinating. One finds here that very tangible aspects of daily life are often described in ways that are quite complex and even confounding. There is an almost mystical magnetism to digging deeply into the universe around us. In this set of miniatures, I endeavor to find interesting ways to apply some of these transcendental numbers in music for saxophones.

Jogo de Cartas (tenor saxophone and piano) – available for purchase soon!

Mannanan mac Lir (flute and lever harp)

Mannanàn mac Lir occupied several roles in the mythological universe of the Celtic peoples. Most notably, he was considered to be the god of the seas. He was also regarded as a “psychopomp”—that is, a figure associated with the realm of the dead, acting as a sort of “veil” between the worlds. In this work, I play on his connection to the sea by quoting the traditional Manx folk tune “The Storm Is Up.” The tune is developed through several permutations, each portraying a role Mannanàn played.

Nebulae (unaccompanied sax)

“Nebulae” is a collection of five short programmatic movements that represent the different types of these beautiful interstellar clouds of dust and particles.

Pharmacopoeia: One (solo bassoon with bassoon quartet) – available for purchase soon!

PRN (soprano sax solo with piano)

“PRN,” in this case, has numerous meanings. “P,” “R,” and “N” refer to types of harmonic progression within Hugo Riemann’s theoretical system.  Rhythmically, the “PRN” is regarded alphabetically.  “PRN” also refers to the medical term “pro re nata,” or “take as needed.” As a nurse, PRN serves in this case as a nod to my other professional vocation and my passion for healing.

Proteus (unaccompanied tenor sax)

This piece, inspired by the Greek epic The Odyssey, illustrates the mighty conflict between Menelaus and Proteus. Each movement illustrates a different form the god took in his attempt to evade sharing his knowledge with the hero.

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (clarinet and vibraphone)

In Abramelin’s system of magic, after a lengthy period of self-purification and prayer, one may call upon one’s Holy Guardian Angel, who will then instruct one further on how to conjure up the princes and demons of Hell to do your bidding. The crux of this involves using certain special squares of anagrammatic words that would compel the conjured demon to perform specified tasks. In this piece, I take five of these squares and depict them in colorful, virtuosic tone paintings.

Treasurescapes (sax quartet edition)

Inspired by the incredible beauty and majesty of America’s national parks, this suite captures the essence of four of these treasures, which belong to us all. Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier Bay, and Acadia are all featured in this piece.

Treasurescapes (recorder ensemble edition)



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