Composer Prompts

A collection of ideas and concepts to get your pen moving!

(This article has some additional ideas!)

(Biofeedback Music 101)

(Medieval Serialism)

(Pedal to the Rhythm)

(See the World)

(A Little Music)

(Remembering Silence)

(Piecing It Together)

(Opposition Into Unity)

(Put the Audience to Work)

(Upset a Medieval Pope)


(Being Grateful)

(Look Around You)

(Ancient Voices)

(Rhythm of the Wind)

(Writing Liberated)

(Drawing Sounds)

(Weaving Strands)

(Walking a Mile)

(Pick a Number)

(Our Role in Public Tragedy)

(Get Unstuck)

(How Inventive)

(Make Your Voice Sing)

(The Examined Composer)

(Just a Hint of Spice)

(Serendipitous Synergy)

(Rethinking Minimalism)


(Harmony Scramble)

(Old Wine, New Bottles)

(Nature Documentary)

(Theme and Variations)

(Give Up Some Control)

(Halloween Edition)

(Concert Band as Palette)

(Shocking Concept)

(Harmony as Motive)

(Interval “Zoning”)


(Soft Sounds)