Business Issues

Commissioning Contract for Composers (Free Contract Template)

The Three Ps of Effective Self-Marketing for Composers

Why Haven’t I Sold Anything Yet?!

Music Education

Filling the Gap: Teaching Young Composers How to Earn a Living

How Teaching Composition Has Shaped Me As a Composer

Music Education: Enabling the Freedom to Create

Selena Gomez Meets J.S. Bach

So You Want to Major in Music…

Troubleshooting Problem Behavior in the Classroom


Analysis of Ancient Chant

Criticism of Beethoven

Handel’s “Empiro…” Analyzed

On Hindemith


Defining “Career” and “Success” in Composition

Identity Issues

Modernism vs. Postmodernism

On Originality

Why Compose? (A Personal Perspective)

Toolbox For Composers

Fun With Interval Restriction

Fun With a Pair of Dice

Fun With the Omnibus Progression

“Help! My music has been attacked on social media!”

Time Management for the “Part Time” Composer

Project Prioritization

Extended Choir Techniques

Extended Horn Techniques

Composing for Guitar

Latin Texts for Vocal Settings

Precomposition Considerations



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